Which is better? Hand Cut Roof or Factory Made Trusses?

This question has long been debated and the best way to view it is by looking at the project you are doing. Both have their positives and negatives so here is a outlook on both!

Factory Made Trusses

Factory made trusses have been engineered to take the weight of the roof, have the correct pitch for the tiles and to withstand the elements. For bigger projects they will be very strong and good for jobs like house builds, but are not practical for smaller builds like extensions or garages but it does depend on the size of the build.

You can ask you Tradesman for advice on your project Here.

Factory made trusses generally have less waste due to being made in factory environment and they look at controlling their waste as part of their KPI and impact on environment – Dependent on company policies.

Hand Cut Roof

Hand Cut Roofs normally being made on site by a Carpenter will use thicker timber to create the same load bearing standards as the Factory Made Trusses. Will calculate the angle of the pitch for the tiles, cut in bird mouths and install the bottom chords to Brase the outer chords. As long as they are engineered correctly will do the exact same job.

Hand Cut Roofs for houses which are looking to have beams and timber exposed are a much better way to show the aesthetics of the finished wood and the joints.

These details make a house more appealing in today’s market so the up sale from selling the property will out way the cost of having it done. People in general are looking for their For Ever Home sooner so this will appeal to them.

Hand Cut Roofs normally get more waste dependent on the skills of the Carpenter. You can ask them what they have in place to minimize the waste, the impact on the environment and your pocket. Do they have a way of disposing of the left over wood in a way that can be recycled or re-used?

Whats the difference in Price?

Cost is normally the biggest question which one is more affordable!? That depends as sometimes there is not much in it! Factory Made Trusses can be pricey due to the over heads of the company!

With a Hand Cut Roof you are paying for the expertise and the materials so it is worth getting some quotes. Also make sure you are clear on what you are trying to achieve with the roof! Function over aesthetics or the other way round?