Choosing the Best Home Improvement Ideas

Upgrading your home can be an exciting project for homeowners, but knowing which home improvements add value can make these projects more worthwhile. Some are quick and easy that you can do yourself (DIY) others unless you have the experience it best to let an Experienced Tradesman do the job for you. There are so many possibilities when it comes to home improvements and every year there is a great new style, so it’s important to make a plan and find the best home improvement ideas for your specific Home.

In this list are ways you can add value to your home and save money on your out going bills! Some of the jobs you can do by yourself and are low cost, others you will need to get an Experienced Tradesman to carry out, and are more long term gains. It is best to plan out what you think will gain you the best investment and also give yourself a time frame when to complete. Time Frames don’t always go to plan as certain logistics can prevent finishing on time so make them realistic and don’t afraid if it runs over slightly!

In a world that is constantly looking at ways to Save The Planet, any changes you make that will benefit the Environment as well as your pocket looks great when adding value to your home. Some ideas bring self sufficiency to the table and being less dependent on outside companies i.e. Installing solar and having home storage batteries so you are less reliant on the Energy Companies is something we all could do with in today’s climate!

  1. Renovate the flooring in your kitchen and/or bathroom
  2. If the kitchen units are good update the work surface and doors for more up to date look
  3. Replace the bath & Sink in your bathroom
  4. Swap your shower heads and taps with low-flow systems saves on water
  5. Add underfloor heating to your bathroom
  6. Install a rainwater system to feed the toilets and save on fresh water
  7. Draught-proof with uPVC windows and double glazed windows but inc trickle vents to help prevent mould
  8. Upgrade your HVAC system with an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump
  9. Replace your old boiler with a more efficient one, like an electric combi boiler
  10. Use solar thermal panels for domestic water heating
  11. Upgrade through out the home to LED bulbs
  12. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones
  13. Install solar panels for your electricity needs
  14. If Solar & home batteries are in use, install 12v low energy lighting
  15. Insulate your walls and loft to make your home more energy-efficientThe list could go on as there are many ways to improve your home but these are some of the top ones to look at. If you need any advice on how we could help please contact us