There is nothing more frustrating than when builders let you down! Not turning up on the days agreed & endless days where no or not many workers have turned up on site which means your project is taking longer than anticipated!

What can you do if you are in this situation?

  1. Revert back to your original agreement. Where you provided with a timeline, a contracted start and finish date? If non of this was agreed to begin with you need to  put it in place now and in writing. Sit down with your builder and get a commitment out of them. (Completion date, week by week objectives, items to be ordered and when. To help make sure there are no delays.
  2.  If your contractor is playing up then setup regular meeting before work starts / end of day to confirm what is happening that day and the next day. Then you can check on the progress of the work carried out. Keeping the pressure on them will ensure they will not delay and draw the job out which means costing you more money!
  3. If there has been delays, make sure you understand why they have happened because in some cases you can not avoid them. That doesn’t mean that another job can not be continued so that work doesn’t halt completely. That way the time scale is less effected and the project can be completed on time!
  4. When you are considering what contractor / builder to use, ask them if they have something in place if they run over the allotted time scale that it wont cost you any more unless already agreed! For more information on our support please Contact us.