Fascia, Soffit & Gutter

Fascia, soffit & guttering

With over 25 years of experience, we can enhance the look of your property by upgrading your fascia, eaves end, soffit and gutters, giving your home the curb appeal you’re looking for.

Our trained carpenters will transform your old rotten wood for new fresh timber, replacing it like for like. Alternatively, we can provide you with cover board which covers your existing timber fascia and soffit to give your home a cost-effective fresh look with less maintenance.

Fascia, soffit & cover board & gutter replacement, Diss

Here we have a bungalow where parts of the fascia and soffit had started to rot in places. The paint had begun to flake and was no longer protecting the fascia & soffit from the elements, hence the deterioration. The customer opted to use uPVC cover board which, as it sounds, covers the existing timber and is a more cost-effective way to up lift your property and is easy to maintain. The gutters and downpipe were also replaced with new ones as they were no longer doing their job effectively.

Fascia & gutter replacement, Harleston

With this house, we covered the old timber fascia with a uPVC cover board. The customer was also having trouble with birds getting under the tiles, so we installed bird combs to prevent further damage to the felt underneath. We then installed new guttering to maintain the water flow and give excellent curb appeal.

Gutter replacement on a converted barn (Brett Martin style gutter)

Here the guttering was old and didn’t have enough support, so over time, it had twisted and shifted, preventing the water from falling in the right direction. As the gutters had a long distance to displace the rainfall, we replaced them with new ones, which were the correct length for the building. Water is now evenly displaced between both downpipes at the end of the building, which we also mirrored on the other side. The Brett Martin style gutter has excellent curb appeal with this style of building, giving it a neat and stylish appearance.

Fascia, soffit & gutter replacement

The previous wooden fascia and soffit were a bit aged and weathered, so we replaced the uPVC fascia and soffit; we also replaced the old black gutters with new white-coloured ones.

Bungalow fascia, soffit, eaves end and guttering replacement

All woodwork was replaced for uPVC fascia, soffit and guttering to give the bungalow the quality finish it needed.