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Having mould start building up in your home can be one of the most unsettling things when you are trying to prevent it! To much mould build up with nothing being done to combat it can lead to your family having health problem and also damage to your property! Here at T Edwards Home Solutions we have put some facts together to try and help you stop it.

Black Mould around a window

Here are things that cause your house to form mould.

Its Harder than ever to save money and energy in today’s climate with Electric and Heating bills souring in price at the end of 2022! So we are having to make our money work even harder! One way you can do this is investing in your own home by replacing damaged, faulty or blown windows for better energy rated ones. Then you are no longer loosing Heat from your home so saving on how hard your Heating has to work to keep you warm through winter! Making sure your glass units are not blow, seals and gaskets are doing their job and your frame has been insulated and sealed from the elements can save you up to 30% on your Energy Bills! Now who doesn’t wan’t that!

Choose our replacement uPVC windows to improve the energy efficiency and security of your home.

linea windows add a striking, stylish look to your home while helping to make it more energy-efficient. Our uPVC window replacement service only uses A-rated windows for efficiency to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.
This makes sure you can:
1) Eliminate draughts and keep the warmth inside your home with A-Rated energy-efficient windows
2) Reduce your energy bills – our double glazing windows are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and can be up to 30% more efficient than your previous windows.
3) Give your property a clean, new, fresh look with our EcoDiamond window, now available in ten colour options.