Most Asked Questions.

Having mould start building up in your home can be one of the most unsettling things when you are trying to prevent it! To much mould build up with nothing being done to combat it can lead to your family having health problem and also damage to your property! Here at T Edwards Home Solutions we have put some facts together to try and help you stop it.

Black Mould around a window

Here are things that cause your house to form mould.

  1. Drying clothes inside the house – Pints of water can come off your clothes when drying inside on airers and the moisture has no where to go other than the walls, ceilings and windows of your house. Trickle vents in your windows will help keep a circulation of air flowing through your home. Try minimizing drying your washing inside or use a tumble dryer.
  2. Tumble Dryers vented or a condenser – Vented is better as most of the moisture will be vented outside, the condenser type all tho handy for not needing to drill holes through your walls they will generally give off more moisture than vented.
  3. Showers & Baths – having a powerful enough extractor fan to extract the moisture from the room is crucial, some of the cheaper ones will extract some but not enough. Making sure you have a window Trickle vents as well because once the moisture has been sucked out you need the circulation to replace the air.
  4. Cooking – when we cook moisture is thrown into the atmosphere so having an extractor fan vented outside will help remove the majority of the moisture, a fan not vented will just circulate the moisture around the room.
  5. Sleeping – on average healthy young male averages about 25 milliliters per hour, or 200 milliliters per eight hours of sleep, and much of that is simply exhaled. So that moisture is released into your bedroom and the only place it has to go is the mattress, walls, ceiling and windows. Trickle vents in your windows can help keep a circulation of air in your room.
  6. Furniture – make sure you have a circulation of air around furniture like wardrobes, chest of draws pretty much most furniture because if it is tight up against a wall or other objects it is a place where moist air can cling, hang then turn into mould.
  7. Little or No Ventilation – as much as we are now days trying to stop drafts and close our homes up so no heat escapes, we still need controlled ventilation through out the home. So air can be replace with new and damp air can be removed from the home.
  8. Poor or no insulation – if your cavity walls or loft has little to no insulation, that wont help your home keep the warmth inside and the cold outside.

Things you can do to prevent mould in your home.

  1. Circulation of air open windows, even if its for 20-30 mins a day something is better than nothing.
  2. Install Trickle Vents into your windows if you do not have them, they are not expensive to buy you just need a qualified window fitter to install them. If you already have them installed open the vents get the air flowing through the house, Contact us.
  3. If your windows have condensation on the inside, don’t a low the water to sit there wipe the windows down. If you have single glazing condensation will naturally happen as warm air is attracted to the cold air on the outside – look into having double glazed windows installed. Contact us for more details.
  4. To help reduce the moisture around your windows purchase mini Dehumidifiers for £2-£3. crystal or gel balls that attract and collect moisture from the air, tend to last up to a month before you have to replace them.
  5. Does your house have cavity wall insulation? If not having this installed in to your cavity will help the warm stay inside and the the cold outside.
  6. Loft insulation, most homes now have it but some homes still are not up to today’s specifications so having someone come out and check will make your house more efficient and keep your home  warmer, Contact us.
  7. See if your tumble dryer has been installed correctly, if unsure contact a tradesman that can help.
  8. Make sure your extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen is strong enough to extract the air and has been fitted correctly, if unsure contact a tradesman that can help.
  9. Check and make sure your furniture has a gap between the wall its close to so its getting enough circulation.
  10. Get a Humidity Meter from £7-£20 that will tell you how much water is in the atmosphere of your home. The percentage should be between 40-60 anything higher and you need to look at ways to reduce it as it can effect your health.
  11. If you have mould already don’t leave it, wear a mask, gloves get water, bleach and a cloth and wipe it down till the mould is clean. The bleach helps to deter the mould from growing back. Mould releases spores that you can breath in and affect your health.
  12. Turn your heating on, mould likes cold damp spots so turning on your heating will help warm your rooms up and dry out any damp.
  13. For bathrooms you can buy mould resistant paint that will help stop it forming.These are some of the ways you can help yourselves to stop mould forming, and if after the ways you have tried for yourself you still have issues please contact us to see if we can assist in the areas you need a specialist.

Which is better? Hand Cut Roof or Factory Made Trusses?

This question has long been debated and the best way to view it is by looking at the project you are doing. Both have their positives and negatives so here is a outlook on both!

Factory Made Trusses

Factory made trusses have been engineered to take the weight of the roof, have the correct pitch for the tiles and to withstand the elements. For bigger projects they will be very strong and good for jobs like house builds, but are not practical for smaller builds like extensions or garages but it does depend on the size of the build.

You can ask you Tradesman for advice on your project Here.

Factory made trusses generally have less waste due to being made in factory environment and they look at controlling their waste as part of their KPI and impact on environment – Dependent on company policies.

Hand Cut Roof

Hand Cut Roofs normally being made on site by a Carpenter will use thicker timber to create the same load bearing standards as the Factory Made Trusses. Will calculate the angle of the pitch for the tiles, cut in bird mouths and install the bottom chords to Brase the outer chords. As long as they are engineered correctly will do the exact same job.

Hand Cut Roofs for houses which are looking to have beams and timber exposed are a much better way to show the aesthetics of the finished wood and the joints.

These details make a house more appealing in today’s market so the up sale from selling the property will out way the cost of having it done. People in general are looking for their For Ever Home sooner so this will appeal to them.

Hand Cut Roofs normally get more waste dependent on the skills of the Carpenter. You can ask them what they have in place to minimize the waste, the impact on the environment and your pocket. Do they have a way of disposing of the left over wood in a way that can be recycled or re-used?

Whats the difference in Price?

Cost is normally the biggest question which one is more affordable!? That depends as sometimes there is not much in it! Factory Made Trusses can be pricey due to the over heads of the company!

With a Hand Cut Roof you are paying for the expertise and the materials so it is worth getting some quotes. Also make sure you are clear on what you are trying to achieve with the roof! Function over aesthetics or the other way round?

Choosing the Best Home Improvement Ideas

Upgrading your home can be an exciting project for homeowners, but knowing which home improvements add value can make these projects more worthwhile. Some are quick and easy that you can do yourself (DIY) others unless you have the experience it best to let an Experienced Tradesman do the job for you. There are so many possibilities when it comes to home improvements and every year there is a great new style, so it’s important to make a plan and find the best home improvement ideas for your specific Home.

In this list are ways you can add value to your home and save money on your out going bills! Some of the jobs you can do by yourself and are low cost, others you will need to get an Experienced Tradesman to carry out, and are more long term gains. It is best to plan out what you think will gain you the best investment and also give yourself a time frame when to complete. Time Frames don’t always go to plan as certain logistics can prevent finishing on time so make them realistic and don’t afraid if it runs over slightly!

In a world that is constantly looking at ways to Save The Planet, any changes you make that will benefit the Environment as well as your pocket looks great when adding value to your home. Some ideas bring self sufficiency to the table and being less dependent on outside companies i.e. Installing solar and having home storage batteries so you are less reliant on the Energy Companies is something we all could do with in today’s climate!

  1. Renovate the flooring in your kitchen and/or bathroom
  2. If the kitchen units are good update the work surface and doors for more up to date look
  3. Replace the bath & Sink in your bathroom
  4. Swap your shower heads and taps with low-flow systems saves on water
  5. Add underfloor heating to your bathroom
  6. Install a rainwater system to feed the toilets and save on fresh water
  7. Draught-proof with uPVC windows and double glazed windows but inc trickle vents to help prevent mould
  8. Upgrade your HVAC system with an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump
  9. Replace your old boiler with a more efficient one, like an electric combi boiler
  10. Use solar thermal panels for domestic water heating
  11. Upgrade through out the home to LED bulbs
  12. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones
  13. Install solar panels for your electricity needs
  14. If Solar & home batteries are in use, install 12v low energy lighting
  15. Insulate your walls and loft to make your home more energy-efficientThe list could go on as there are many ways to improve your home but these are some of the top ones to look at. If you need any advice on how we could help please contact us

This really depends on what condition your window is in. If the frame and the window mechanism is fine but the other bits around it are failing i.e: Blown Double Glazed Unit, Seals or Gaskets Perished you can hear road noise or feel a draft, furniture warn out, hinges needs replacing or adjustment? There is a chance you can just replace those.


For the environment and your pocket repair is the best option where you can!

We will always be transparent with you a suggest the best way to go, we drive no hard sale and our survey of your job is completely Free! Contact us now.

Its Harder than ever to save money and energy in today’s climate with Electric and Heating bills souring in price at the end of 2022! So we are having to make our money work even harder! One way you can do this is investing in your own home by replacing damaged, faulty or blown windows for better energy rated ones. Then you are no longer loosing Heat from your home so saving on how hard your Heating has to work to keep you warm through winter! Making sure your glass units are not blow, seals and gaskets are doing their job and your frame has been insulated and sealed from the elements can save you up to 30% on your Energy Bills! Now who doesn’t wan’t that!

Choose our replacement uPVC windows to improve the energy efficiency and security of your home.

linea windows add a striking, stylish look to your home while helping to make it more energy-efficient. Our uPVC window replacement service only uses A-rated windows for efficiency to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.
This makes sure you can:
1) Eliminate draughts and keep the warmth inside your home with A-Rated energy-efficient windows
2) Reduce your energy bills – our double glazing windows are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and can be up to 30% more efficient than your previous windows.
3) Give your property a clean, new, fresh look with our EcoDiamond window, now available in ten colour options.

uPVC door costs are more affordable than composite doors, although the exact price will depend on the installation company and material quality. Our Price gives you peace of mind that you’re getting the best price as we are 100% transparent, So, if you’re looking to buy a double glazed door for your home, get a FREE no-obligation quote from us today.

uPVC Doors
Our range of uPVC external doors offer a variety of benefits at a competitive price. A durable and hard-wearing material, uPVC provides security for your home while being wonderfully low maintenance. It won’t rust, rot or weather and you get an extensive 10-Year Manufacturer Guarantee for further peace of mind.
On top of all this, uPVC door prices are more affordable than composite doors, making them great value for money too.

Composite Doors

Al tho they cost more than a uPVC Door, they do come with some great benefits! They are Super attractive! Any one approaching your front door will be amazed by a high quality, great looking door so it will be great for your Curb Appeal. They are Super Strong a multi layered structure in a robust frame with an insulated foam core. With the way they have been constructed they are thermally efficient at the top end of efficiency A Rated, so means you can also save money on your energy bills.

Composite Doors are so much harder to break into being so much thicker and their locking system usually with 3 points of locking makes thieves walk away before they even start! On top of being thermally efficient they are also great for reduced noise pollution from the outside environment, handy if you live in a built up busy area. They are easy to maintain with a wipe down every so often with soap and water and will stay looking great for many years to come. Composite doors are able to be customized with many designs, colours and furniture packages. Come with a 10 year Manufacturer Guarantee.

All this make the Composite Door a great reason to choose, but it always comes down to what you want, what is in your budget and if you are not sure we can always help you decide with no pushy sale just Contact us for your Free No-obligation Quote.

Do you want to enjoy your conservatory all year round Is your conservatory too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter?

Come winter it is one of the biggest areas you can loose a lot of heat through the roof if still using in the cold months. By replacing your current conservatory roof with our fully insulated and thermally efficient roofs, your conservatory will be better insulated, and will become more comfortable for you, and more energy efficient. In the UK alone, there is an estimate of around three million conservatories. The vast majority of these are in desperate need of a replacement roof.

There are lots of people facing the same issue. They love their conservatory and want to spend time in it, but it is simply not comfortable due to the temperature, or the noise. These issues all tend to have the same cause – the roof. Replacing your conservatory roof with us will ensure that not only is it more energy efficient and better insulated against the unpredictable weather, but it is also better soundproofing.

We offer a free survey, to inspect your current conservatory roof and give a free quote on your replacement roof.
Free Survey
Save money on your energy bills
Showing the layers of roofing that makes up conservatory roofing Our conservatory roofs are fully tested and approved to thermal standard and structural standard, as well as being fully Local Area Building Control (LABC) (Norfolk) (Suffolk) approved. All of our roofs consist of a lightweight frame if you go aluminum frame or you can choose timber hand cut roof which can save you money, two layers of insulation,thermal cavity insulation & internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade baton and a vapour membrane, making it a high performing insulated roofing system, creating an energy efficient space; saving you money on your energy bills. Different colours of roof tiles we offer including, Black, Terracotta, Grey, Brown and Mulberry

With a wide range of tiles to suit your taste and decor, our conservatory roofs will be a beautiful compliment to your home. Turn your conservatory into an extra room. Contact us & get a Free No-obligation Quote.

There is nothing more frustrating than when builders let you down! Not turning up on the days agreed & endless days where no or not many workers have turned up on site which means your project is taking longer than anticipated!

What can you do if you are in this situation?

  1. Revert back to your original agreement. Where you provided with a timeline, a contracted start and finish date? If non of this was agreed to begin with you need to  put it in place now and in writing. Sit down with your builder and get a commitment out of them. (Completion date, week by week objectives, items to be ordered and when. To help make sure there are no delays.
  2.  If your contractor is playing up then setup regular meeting before work starts / end of day to confirm what is happening that day and the next day. Then you can check on the progress of the work carried out. Keeping the pressure on them will ensure they will not delay and draw the job out which means costing you more money!
  3. If there has been delays, make sure you understand why they have happened because in some cases you can not avoid them. That doesn’t mean that another job can not be continued so that work doesn’t halt completely. That way the time scale is less effected and the project can be completed on time!
  4. When you are considering what contractor / builder to use, ask them if they have something in place if they run over the allotted time scale that it wont cost you any more unless already agreed! For more information on our support please Contact us.