Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors are the newest way to transform your space.

They bring the outside – inside, making you feel you are part of nature and your external surroundings.

Similar to what French and patio doors have done previously, bifold doors give you a more functional and flowing space between the outside and indoors.

If you have the space to have them fitted, they are a great way to view your garden throughout all seasons. Whether enjoying the winter landscape from your cosy inside surroundings or socialising with friends and family as part of a warm summer evening outside, bifold doors are truly versatile.

They are thermally efficient with regulation double glazing, letting the sun’s rays light your room while preventing heat from being lost to the outside. Fitted with high-quality fixings, they are also insulated around the frame to prevent further heat loss.

Why choose us for your glass uPVC bi-fold doors?

  1. There are many options to choose from in aluminium bi-fold doors, but our preferred product is manufactured using the BSF70 profile.
  2. With a 70mm frame depth, our bi-fold doors are available in various sizes, a range of single or dual colours and a choice of furniture.
  3. All are made-to-measure to suit your home.
  4. They are available from two to seven doors.
  5. They come fitted with multipoint locks. In addition, a double track threshold allows for greater stability and shoot bolts at the top and bottom of the interlock give enhanced security.
  6. With several different opening configurations, all are available either as ‘open-in’ or ‘open-out’.
  7. All our bi-fold doors are tested to PAS 24 and are certified under the Secured by Design scheme.


Bi-fold doors are incredibly versatile. They can be designed to suit any property style; even if you have an existing window or door opening, they can be converted to a bifold door.

Finally, as the doors settle over time, we often find they need adjustment. Along with servicing your bi-fold doors, we can make these modifications, so they run smoothly once more.

uPVC bifold doors in Chartwell Green

We installed this set of bi-fold doors into an extension we had built for one of our customers. The doors were fitted into the dedicated opening, with enough space to adjust where needed. The fame was levelled and secured with high-quality fixings, then insulated and sealed from the elements. Once settled, the glass was installed one door at a time. When completed, we made final adjustments and checked the doors for any opening issues.

Customer Feedback

The new bi-fold doors open and close smoothly and seamlessly, without effort. Our customer was delighted not only with the craftsmanship but also with how well they fitted the extension and the overall style of the house and their home furnishings.