Our team have years of plastering experience on hundreds of projects throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. If you are looking for a quality plasterer for any job, large or small, call T Edwards Home Solutions Ltd on 01508 518775.

Our plastering services:

Artex removal or over boarding

Artex removal involves scrapping back and removing Artex mainly from ceilings and walls. Alternatively, if the Artex is too thick or heavy, we will overboard with plasterboard. 

Dot and dabbing

Dot and dabbing is a form of over boarding for walls where we use an adhesive to stick the board to the walls. We dot and dab where walls are beyond disrepair, covering exposed brickwork or Artex.

Patch repairs and blending in

Patch repairs are usually when a plumber or electrician has created a hole during a repair of a pipe or cabling. We repair this with plasterboard, then plaster the patch and blend it like it was never there. Alternatively, repairs can be blended in after removing partition walls or an old door frame, for example.


Here we smooth over worn or damaged walls with a thin coat of plaster, and it is perfect for when old, tired rooms need a refresh.

Rendering or rendering repairs

Rendering is a traditional exterior finish to your property consisting of a mix of sand and cement with extra additives for a smooth, water-resistant finish that helps make your wall more durable and resistant to weathering. Rendering repairs are often carried out for cracks or age-related issues.